Hospital & Healthcare Maintenance Services

Yearout has provided its mechanical maintenance and plumbing services to the healthcare sector for over three decades. From HVAC testing, TAB certifications to reactive plumbing repairs, we are here to ensure your operations are running smoothly at all times.

Medical Equipment Maintenance Plan

Regular servicing, calibration and upkeep of medical equipment will increase its lifespan and ensure it is working as required to effectively and safely care for patients.

Yearout has decades of experience and expertise in offering reactive hospital equipment repair and preventative maintenance services to the healthcare sector. We are dedicated to facilitating the highest quality of care to be delivered to patients by our customers.

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Medical Equipment Preventive Maintenance

Who Do We Cater To?

Energy Efficiency and Maintenance Management for Healthcare Facilities

The engineering and installation of building automation is just one of the ways we can lower your energy consumption.

Our energy management solutions identify opportunities to reduce your overheads and increase operational efficiency. From large healthcare systems to independent clinics, lowering your energy consumption can restore balance to your electricity spend without compromising the level of care you provide to your patients.

We have decades of experience serving clients within the medical environment, our HVAC and plumbing service technicians will keep your water systems, air quality and temperature at optimal functioning

Yearout’s Test, Adjust and Balance (TAB) Department will make sure all your equipment and building functions are running exactly as they should be.

As with all of our services, all of our work is undertaken by in-house technicians. Allowing us to get the job done faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost to you.

Our Preventive Maintenance Services