Biosafety Cabinet Calibration & Testing

Biosafety Cabinets, also referred to as BSC’s, are primary barriers to contamination, utilised in sterile environments or research centres when dealing with infectious or harmful bodies. Yearout are biosafety experts, qualified and experienced in the calibration and certification of BSC’s

BSC Maintenance Services

Qualified personnel who specialise in the maintenance and certification of biosafety equipment must certify the equipment at least annually as a legal requirement under COSHH regulations.

Bi-annual testing is required for a BSC containing Grade A or ISO 5 environment.

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Science & Technology Facilities Maintenance

Our Biological Safety Cabinet Certification looks at the following:


Downflow velocity


Inflow velocity


Air-flow smoke


HEPA filter integrity


Cabinet integrity


Insulation and electrical safety

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Keeping Your Biosafety Cabinet Operating

Through use of hepa filtration and an exhaust system, BSC’s provide localized environmental protection against harmful pathogens. It is therefore paramount that these units are reliable to ensure the safety of its users.

These ventilated work areas are distinguished by the necessary biocontainment and protection required.

Biosafety Specialists

Yearout is a Biosafety Cabinet Certification Company specializing in cabinet testing, certification and maintenance to ensure best and safe practise. 

All of our tests are undertaken with calibrated equipment in accordance with industry test standards.

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