Duct Pressure Testing

Total duct leakage forms part of any HVAC assessment and is an important building regulation factor to consider in relation to the design and working of ventilation and air conditioning units.

What is the effect of leaking ducts?

Before duct tightness testing was introduced as a regulation, ducts were not sealed and filter slots were left open allowing attic, basement, garage and crawl space air to infiltrate the ductwork and spread through buildings resulting in many issues for the occupants.

Leaking Ducts can cause the following: 

  • Poor air quality and contamination¬†
  • Up to a 30% inflation in utility bills
  • High humidity in summer and air dryness in winter
  • Uneven heating and cooling distribution
  • Premature equipment failure

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What is Duct Leakage?

Duct leakage is the loss of air quantity within a system and subsequent operating efficiency. Professional installation and ductwork sealing reduces the risk of leakage, however this can still deteriorate over time.

This loss of air quantity is calculated by pressurizing the ductwork to a specific static pressure in accordance with SMACNA specifications then calculating the amount of Cubic Feet/Minute passing through an orifice plate. 

A pass or fail is awarded depending on the ducts ability to hold a specific level of pressure.

Our experienced team can quickly identify leaks in your ductwork and assist contractors in the efficient repair of this.

Duct Pressure Testing Experts

Yearout is a member of SMACNA, ASHRAE, and IEST. Our technicians are NEBB, TABB, and NSF-certified. Every air duct test is conducted in accordance with its respective standards and procedures.

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