Achieving Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

Yearout’s Energy Services (retro commissioning) department was introduced into our service offering to address the rising need for our customers to reduce their energy consumption and costs through energy saving systems, integrated efficiency solutions and performance enhancement.

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Our retro-commissioning and recommissioning capabilities are just one example of the ways we can help our customers achieve LEED certification. To attain this certification, commissioning is a requirement for new construction, and recommissioning is a prerequisite for existing buildings.

LEED is a recognised building rating system, providing the framework for healthy and extremely efficient green buildings. This certification is globally recognised as a symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership.

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Three Phases of Integrated Efficiency Solution

Yearout’s experienced technicians begin by determining the health of your building through a three step process:

1) We first undertake a survey to determine your energy footprint and HVAC efficiency, this is then bench-marked against comparable buildings to ascertain your starting point.

2) Next, we perform an on-site evaluation with analysis of floor plans to complete a technical review of the building. We review your energy bills, monitor indoor temperatures, humidity and carbon dioxide levels, then finally inspect lighting and identified sources of heat loss.

3) In the third phase we continually analyse the health of your building to improve your benchmarks. Continual improvement, reduced costs and a lowered carbon footprint are the promises we deliver to each and every client.

Performance Enhancement Solutions

As humans, we measure our energy intake by tracking the calories we consume. Food labels help us benchmark our consumption, and if we choose to ignore this, our health suffers. Managing the health of your building is exactly the same.

Yearout’s energy services will provide you with a system of managing how much energy your building needs vs how much is being used. Once you start tracking your energy consumption and efficiency, cost cutting processes and equipment can be implemented into your operations.

Energy usage is the largest controllable operating cost for a building, therefore the obvious place to begin lowering your overheads as well as your carbon footprint.

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