Fume Hood Calibration

Yearout are accredited experts in fume hood testing and calibration. Always onboard with the latest technology, we ensure our clients receive concise, consistent and accurate testing every time.
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Fume hoods are utilized to properly evacuate and dispose of materials that might lead to air quality problems and subsequent negative health implications.

Yearout undertake fume hood inspection and calibration services in accordance with NEBB standards and guidelines with reliable, informed results our customers can be confident with.

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What We Do

  • ✓ Airflow Control Testing and Calibration
    ✓ Face Velocity Testing
    ✓ Small Volume Smoke Testing
    ✓ Large Volume Smoke Testing

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Chemical Fume Hood Testing

Fume hoods in mission critical environments must comply with guidelines set forth in OSHA, ANSI, NFPA and ASHRAE in terms of performance and wide lab design. 

A well-balanced face velocity flow is crucial to ensure efficient chemical removal whilst at the same time not over ventilating the air space. Lab fume hood testing entails testing the hood performance for airflow control, face velocity control and draft performance to ensure effective containment and operator safety.

Periodic Inspection

Testing should be performed annually, immediately following suspected damage or after notable changes have been made to the operation characteristics of the fume hood.

Frequent testing can be a good indicator of the status of the hoods and will ensure they are operating as expected under all anticipated conditions.

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