Yearout Mechanical, Inc.

Yearout Mechanical is a successful contractor specializing in the installation of mechanical and process systems for commercial, hospital, manufacturing and industrial sectors. Since our beginning in 1963, we have consistently grown and expanded our capabilities reaching our present position as the premier mechanical contractor in New Mexico.


To continue as New Mexico's undisputed leader in the construction industry by executing all projects on time and within budget!


To be invaluable to our partners (clients, vendors, industry, and employees) so they cannot imagine success without us, by providing comfortable, reliable and efficient mechanical systems that meet our partners' needs.


We produce our Building Information Modeling (BIM) and coordination drawings using architectural backgrounds electronically. This ensures that there is adequate space for piping, duct, fire protection and electrical to be installed without collision, discrepancies, omissions or field coordination problems.

The ability to view the systems in a three-dimensional environment allows routing and coordination issues to be resolved before they occur in the field, thus saving precious time and typically accelerating field schedules.

We utilize the latest satellite Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in our underground utilities and plumbing rough-ins, as well as in our sleeve and hanger routing. Our Topcon GPS stations are fully integrated into our AutoCAD systems.

Our detailers are able to turn these into spool sheets for our sheet metal and pipe fabrication shops. We seek to fabricate as much material as possible in our shops to reduce inefficient field fabrication and errors.

Our welding procedures are set up to provide a wide range of materials from carbon steel to stainless steel. All of Yearout Mechanical’s procedures have been established and approved through a certified testing laboratory and all of our welders carry current certifications through an independent testing lab.

Engineers and owners can review the detailed drawings before construction to see the product before it is built and installed. Our drawings are also used for coordination between other trades. Accurate As-Builts can be generated much faster in AutoCAD format.


During the construction process, we verify that the system design and equipment selections are appropriate for the space and that the installation was properly performed.

Prior to start-up, we complete a preliminary Start-Up Check, in which we verify that all trades have completed their work accurately, that the rotation voltage and amp draw are correct and that the unit is ready for the Functional (Run) Start. The Run Start is performed to confirm that all systems and controls are working as expected and to resolve any issues that may occur.

Design/Build and Design/Assist

Yearout Mechanical is New Mexico’s leading commercial/industrial mechanical contractor. For over 50 years our loyal customers have been proud of our Design/Build and Design/Assist abilities. We approach each project teaming with the client to be proactive. Our belief is that if we are involved during the early design phase of the project there will be no need for re-engineering. Budget and client desires coexist when we are responsible for the overall mechanical design and have input into the architectural, structural and electrical designs. We attribute the success of our Design/Build and Design/Assist project to provide a quality product without delay and at a competitive price.


Our fabrication shops, through Yearout Fabrication, produce high-quality pipe spools and duct. We prefabricate a majority of our materials which helps to increase quality control, shorten field installation times and precisely schedule field installations. To learn more about our fabrication abilities, please visit Yearout Fabrication.

LEED Building

Yearout Mechanical is committed to the construction of buildings that are environmentally responsible, sustainable and healthy places to work.

Over the past several years, Yearout Mechanical has been a team member on more LEED projects in New Mexico than any other mechanical contractor.


Our pre-construction team understands how important of early estimates are to a project’s success. The following are some of the pre-construction services we offer:

  • Design/Build & Design/Assist
  • Estimating
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Planning and Scheduling Programs
  • Constructability Review
  • Risk Management
  • Cost and Quality Control
  • Value Engineering

Our experienced, in-house estimating team collaborates and develops an early, accurate budget.

We practice the continuous process of cost control beginning on the day we are selected as part of the project team. From that day forward, we focus on realistic budgeting, accurate documentation, and ongoing cost reviews to help you maximize your budget dollars.

Project Management

We use a work classification (or breakdown) system to determine the project work involved and the area(s) where it will be performed.  All the types of work are integrated to meet schedule deadlines.

We provide systemic solutions resulting in efficiency, comprehensive safety, cost savings, integrated scheduling, and quality control.

Yearout utilizes project management software for a project’s document control (submittals, change orders and RFIs) and scheduling, giving us clear communication for the entire project.


Post-construction encompasses more than just a warranty.  We offer additional services after the construction phase is completed:

Our start-up and the operational testing team will be available for continuing care for you throughout the warranty period.  As the leader of mechanical construction in New Mexico, we take pride in what we build and offer ongoing support for the life-cycle of your systems.

For assistance with maintenance and operations, please visit Yearout Service.