With high-demands for comfort and purity to aid the healing and wellness process, medical facilities require a trusted electrical contractor with specialized experience in advanced hospitals and health centers.

Science & Technology

Technical facility construction is Yearout’s true area of specialization.


Timing is critical to our commercial clients since their income stream does not begin until the doors are open for business, and noise and dust create an inhospitable environment. That’s why Yearout has a demonstrated track record of meeting our client’s business objectives while maintaining high quality and cost-containment standards. Our project controls, staff, and safety programs are central to our success in this arena.


Virtually all of Yearout’s projects have been conducted within a working campus environment—many in restrictive, urban settings. Our projects have met a variety of important client space requirements, including classrooms, student centers and social gathering spaces, labs, residence halls, faculty offices, student recreation, athletics, and infrastructure.


At Yearout, we’re not just contractors, we are collaborators. We work with you through all stages of your project, no matter how small or large. We approach your project, not just to accomplish your immediate needs, but to ensure that even after we are finished, our quality shines through in the project for years to come. This unique approach is what makes Yearout a valued company across the region.

The highly trained professionals at Yearout work directly with you and other key decision makers to evaluate your specific objectives and challenges. Working in concert with business personnel and end-users, we are able to fully understand the unique needs of each project and make expert recommendations based on decades of experience.


Working in partnership with private healthcare systems, academic medical centers, and public providers, we have worked in some of the regions most advanced hospitals, health centers, and research facilities. We realize the clinical, technical, operational, and financial requirements and considerations of every type of healthcare facility. We keep up on the trends and developments our clients face so that we are positioned to help them make the best decision with their mechanical, plumbing and controls system needs.

While we approach every healthcare project with the same principles — understanding end-user needs, ensuring safety, and earning client trust — no two healthcare projects are alike.


Yearout has decades of experience serving clients in the science and technology space. We design, build and service mechanical systems for our clients that include; Los Alamos National Labs, Sandia National Labs, US Department of Defense, US Department of Energy, and the US Army Corp of Engineers.

MEP-intensive buildings are valuable ‘tools’ for their research staff occupants, and typically feature complex systems and sophisticated controls to ensure the desired environment.


We routinely take on the most technically advanced and complex commercial projects. Our team of in-house professionals ensures designs and details are accurate and in accordance with your specifications. Our tenured team of sheet metal workers, plumbers, pipefitters, and insulators working together ensure coordination through project completion. Upon project completion, our 24/7 service and maintenance team ensure your needs are taken care of throughout the life of your facility.

We apply our extensive experience and eye for detail to ensure that all mechanical systems of a project maximizing value while meeting the needs of our clients and their tenants.


Throughout our history, Yearout has proudly helped to build the educational environment in New Mexico. We commit to providing educators and students with an environment that inspires collaboration, sportsmanship, learning, and engagement. We deliver custom solutions that address the specific operational and educational needs of each client we serve. Our commitment to the best in mechanical solutions comes from a thorough understanding of the materials and installation process required to deliver a quality product that will enhance the student experience.

Educational environments require internal comfort to facilitate learning. Whether it’s a public/charter school, private school, community or state university, the Yearout team has the experience and know-how to build, renovate and maintain a variety of educational facilities.